Greg Silvey has handled hundreds of matters such as appeals, petitions, writs, and dispositive motions, as either attorney of record or by preparing the briefs for the attorney of record. While appeals are his specialty, given the necessity of properly preserving issues for appeal, he also provides behind the scenes assistance to trial counsel while the case is still at the trial level. State & Federal Courts
Greg handles both federal and state appeals. His federal practice is before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which hears federal appeals arising from the district of Idaho. His state practice is before the Idaho Supreme Court and the Idaho Court of Appeals. He also handles state appeals of magistrate court decisions which are heard by the Idaho district courts. Idaho Innocence Project
Greg was the part-time Legal Director of the Idaho Innocence Project from 2015 to 2020. He is now Senior Consulting Counsel. Its mission is to correct and prevent wrongful convictions through research, education, and litigation. Learn more about the Idaho Innocence Project online or Facebook.

Representative Cases

Greg has experience in both civil and criminal appeals, including appeals of post conviction remedies. Civil Cases
Examples of civil matters handled include appeals of torts, contracts, wills and trusts, domestic relations, antitrust and suretyship cases. Examples of trial level assistance include the briefing of motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment, as well as the drafting of trial briefs and proposed jury instructions. He has also assisted with declaratory judgment actions that have challenged the constitutionality of state and federal statutes. Criminal Cases
Examples of criminal matters handled include direct appeals of convictions and/or sentences for murder, sex crimes, white collar crimes, drug trafficking, environmental crimes, gun crimes, kidnapping, child abuse, illegal reentry, theft crimes, and traffic crimes such as DUI. Examples of trial level assistance include the briefing of motions to dismiss and motions to suppress, as well as drafting sentencing memoranda and proposed jury instructions. Post Conviction Remedies
Examples of post conviction remedies handled include appeals of petitions for federal habeas corpus for state prisoners (28 U.S.C. § 2254), federal habeas corpus for federal prisoners (28 U.S.C. § 2255), and state petitions for post conviction relief. He also represents inmates at parole and parole revocation hearings before the Idaho Parole Commission.

Other Types of Cases

If your type of case or particular need is not mentioned above, please contact Greg Silvey to learn whether or not he can assist you. Please note, however, that he does not handle prison or civil rights litigation or administrative appeals. Contact Us