Where an individual litigant is the client, Greg Silvey will enter his appearance as attorney of record and handle the entire appeal. This includes obtaining and reviewing the record, analyzing the case, performing legal research, drafting the briefs, and attending any scheduled oral argument. It also includes whatever motion practice is necessary as well as preparing or responding to petitions to a higher court where appropriate.

Where Greg is assisting another attorney, he can formally associate as co-counsel, enter an appearance as local counsel for pro hac vice admissions, or simply provide behind the scenes assistance. This assistance can range from case evaluation and/or legal research to the preparation of signature ready briefs. He also accepts referrals from other attorneys.


Greg personally writes every brief in every case. Please contact him regarding a representative sample from a similar case and/or a relevant citation to one of the many decisions in his cases.


The practice is located in Boise, Idaho. However, given the nature of appeals where virtually all work is done in the office rather than the courtroom, Greg handles state and federal appeals arising from anywhere in the state of Idaho.

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Specific inquires into retaining Greg Silvey's services may be made by letter, telephone, or email.